0-6 Month Mommy & Me

for the 2nd/3rd Time mommy

This class is for 0-6 month old babies and their 2nd/3rd time mommies. This is a class tailored to and designed for 2nd and 3rd time moms and the unique issues they face, however, older siblings do not attend this class. The class is special time for you to spend with your baby alone! It meets once a week for 90 minutes each week at 730 11th Street in Hermosa Beach. Each session of classes is 8 weeks long.

The intention for this class is to create a lively and supportive environment in which you and your baby make life-long friends, all while learning some tricks of the trade from your instructor as well as from one another. 

We will start each class by singing a couple of fun songs with the babies and learning some new baby signs. Next, mommies will hear the week's top tips: a useful baby product, quick and easy recipe, and recommended parenting book. Every week, moms will also learn a new developmental play activity to try with their baby or developmental tip/milestone to be aware of. We also have a set calendar for each session with either a topic presentation & discussion or an expert guest speaker. Topics, tips, and guest speakers are different each session so that moms can continue to enroll in Nest classes throughout baby's toddler years without being exposed to repetitive material.

Many of the topics in our 2nd/3rd time mom overlap with our regular mommy and me program, however we do sometimes instead address topics only relevant to this group: sibling rivalry, how to teach & encourage sharing, how to survive motherhood while feeling "spread thin", how to tackle feelings of jealousy, creating a unique relationship with each of your children, etc.

We end with "check in" time to ask questions of each another and discuss parenting issues that have come up throughout the week... your baby's sleep schedule or lack thereof, how and when to create a routine, ways to stimulate your baby throughout the day, the joys of teething, introducing solids, how to spot growth spurts and much more!

There is no minimum age for entry in the 0-6 month class. We have moms who start class the week after they deliver baby, and moms who feel most comfortable waiting a couple of months. Nursing, feeding, diaper changing, bouncing, swaying, walking... during Nest classes, you are welcome to do what you would typically do at home to soothe and care for your baby.

We can't wait to meet you and your little one in class!


Dates & Times

2nd/3rd Time Mommy & Me Class Times
Monday, 9:30 - 11:00 (facilitated by Jenn)

2018 Session Dates (subject to change)
January 8 - March 13   (No class the week of 1/15 or 2/19)
April 1 - May 22
June 11 - July 31
August 6 - October 9   (No class the week of 9/3 or 9.10)
October 15 - December 18   (No class the week of 11/12 or 11/19)