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Favorite Product: Today we talked about a few products that are great for travel, including:

Parenting Resource or Tip: Today I showed you how I pack diapers with a ziploc bag, wipes, and a disposable changing pad inside for easy airplane travel. For lots of other helpful travel tips, check out this great blog.

Baby Signs to Use: Airplane, Car, Train, and Boat

Baby Songs to Sing: The Wheels on the Bus, Row Row Row Your Boat

Developmental Play Tip: If you have a gallon-sized Ziploc bag, you have an easy sensory experience and possibly even art project for your little one! Here are some ideas of easy, mess-free ways that you can incorporate sensory play into your baby’s life. Always watch your baby closely during these activities as baby should never be alone with a plastic bag (or possibly the materials you put inside)!

 Ziploc bag painting and color mixing

Ziploc bag painting and color mixing

  Colored shaving cream  sensory bags from

Colored shaving cream sensory bags from

  Baby Oil Sensory Bag  from

Baby Oil Sensory Bag from


Today we talked about Traveling with Baby. Whether you’re staying overnight with local grandparents, going on a long car drive, or traveling internationally on an airplane, travel can be intimidating! Try to focus on enjoying your time, don’t worry too much about packing everything that you own, and remember that at the very least, you will have some great stories about surviving travel with baby! ;)

Some of the tips we talked about today were:

-        ASK FOR HELP! People are generally super nice and want to help you! Most flight attendants will be more than happy to hold your baby while you go to the bathroom or help you score that extra seat in your aisle.

-        Try not to pack too much and don’t bring too much on the plane! The more stuff you have to juggle, the harder it’ll be to focus on keeping your baby happy. DO pack a change of clothes for both yourself and baby. Try to keep the change of clothes something very compact, and for your baby possibly even cheap/stained outfits you can throw away if you have a leaking poopy diaper or something! EEK.

-        Instead of packing a nursing cover, think about wearing an infinity scarf that can double as a nursing cover. Also think about wearing chewbeads or another kind of jewelry that doubles as a toy for your little one.

-        If you’re consistently going to the same location (to visit out of town grandparents a few times a year for example), see if you can invest in some baby gear to keep there so that it’s less for you to pack. Having a carseat at your destination, a pack and play, along with some toys/books will be a lifesaver.

-        Think about having a box of diapers/wipes shipped to your destination.

-        Nurse or feed baby a bottle on take off or landing if you find your baby needs it, but don’t stress about it too much. Newborn ears may not yet even be developed enough to feel the pain that we do on take off and landing!

-        There is an Airport Valet Service that will drop you off IN YOUR CAR at the airport curb, park your car at their facility, and pick you up at the curb when you land! Many Nest Moms have used it and love it. It's called Airport Valet LAX (310)348-9612, 8923 S Sepulveda. Make reservations ahead of time. 

-        Bring baby’s birth certificate when you fly as some airlines will require you to show it at check-in. Read more about how to get your baby's LA County birth certificate here.

-        Bring yourself a big bottle of water so that you stay hydrated! Tell the people at security that it is water for your baby. They will test it and you can bring it through. 

- When thinking about toys to bring, think compact and possibly disposable! We talked about lots of ideas in class, some of them were... pack lots of snacks and play with the food so it turns into an activity! Cheerios can be weaved onto a string or stick, goldfish can turn into a pretend swimming game, etc. The Melissa and Doug watercolor book is a great item for travel. Just pack the book and a paintbrush and ask for a small cup of water on the plane. Some parents like getting little trinkets at the dollar store and wrapping them in wrapping paper for another activity!

- For more on if/how to alter baby’s schedule while traveling, check out this article that mirrors what we talked about today.  

- Check out for information about specific seats on any given plane you ride on! Thanks Teddy's mom, Brittany, for the recommendation :)

- Scotland's mom, Ashley, loves the GB Pockit stroller for travel! It folds so small it can fit in the overhead compartment of a plane!