The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Contour Love Baby Carrier
Parenting Resource or Tip: Bringing up Bebe – if you liked today’s book, you’ll probably like this one as well!
Baby Signs to Use: Book, Diaper
Baby Songs to Sing: Frere Jacques, ABCs
Developmental Play Tip: In this age range, before baby begins to roll over, they need to practice tucking their chin into their chest. This is an important milestone for your little one and shows their neck strength and flexion! To encourage/practice this milestone, try to do activities that encourage your little one to look down: you can put rattles on baby’s feet (a towel tucked under their bottom helps them look down), put a toy on your baby’s chest, lightly loop a balloon string around baby’s feet and watch them kick the balloon up and down.  With all of these activities, watch baby very closely and never leave them in the room alone with anything chokable. Remember that balloons and their strings are a highly chokable item and should never be alone with baby. :)


Today's Topic:  BOOK CLUB

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Today we talked about the book: "How to Keep Your Eskimos Warm". Sorry for an anti-climactic recap, but today was a discussion and brainstorming/sharing of different parenting ideas, so not many notes!

Here were some of our big take-aways from the book: (from all chapters!)

  • Incorporate kids into your social life - try to be a bit flexible with schedules so that they can be a part of gatherings.
  • During mealtime:  “You are allowed not to like it but you are not allowed to not try it.”
  • Getting kids involved with mealtime - conversations around food

  • Don’t push children to eat everything on the plate; just put everything on the table.

  • Fresh & simple meals

  • Pay attention to baby's routine when potty training

  • Carrying baby develops their vestibular system

  • Create your own extended family - the Nest :) :)

  • Chores can be fun! "work" and "play" can easily happen at the same time in a family.