The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Zoli cups - on sale right now at Nordstroms!
Parenting Resource or Tip: Local facebook groups are a great mommy resource! Check out the Nest moms FB group, South Bay Mommy Crew, and South Bay LA Mommies. Friend Jenn (Langsdale) on fb and ask her to invite you if you'd like to join any of these! :)
Baby Signs to Use: car, boat, plane
Baby Songs to Sing: Where is Thumbkin, Hurry Hurry Drive the Firetruck
Developmental Play Tip: It's important for our kids to constantly be exposed to music - all different kinds! I have music on at home all the time and try my best to play a variety of music, whether I like it or not. Ug. So I play classical, country, R&B, oldies... you name it! It is great for our kids' brains to hear different rhythms and beats and all that good stuff. When I play kids music at home, here are a few Pandora stations that I love: Music Together, Asylum Street Spankers, Dan Zanes, Ziggy Marley Children's, Jack Johnson's Children's, Laurie Berkner, Sleepy Time, Rockin' Kids, Rockabye Baby, Toddler Radio, Lullaby Radio. And Disney of course. Also try Spa Music for bathtime!  Tap your baby's back when you're listening to music. It helps them internalize rhythm in music!


Here is the Nest's Mommy Survival Guide

Know where your drive thru coffee shops are located!  

  • Starbucks: In the south Bay we have one on Anza/Sepulveda that is open all day (4:30am-10:00pm). The drive thru location right by the Nest (Aviation/PCH) is ONLY open until 10:30am… they mean it too… not 10:31.. it’s closed at 10:30!!  

  • Coffee Bean: 2521 Artesia Blvd, Redondo Beach, CA 90278 AND 18201 Crenshaw Blvd – at Crenshaw and the 405

Nurturing the nurturer – Put your air mask on first! If you aren’t healthy, you can’t take care of anyone else! 

  • Drink plenty of hydrating fluids! (Try coconut water it has more potassium than a banana and replenishes you with 5 essential electrolytes.) Try MammaChia drinks.

  • EAT EAT EAT! Don’t let it be 3pm before you eat. Make sure to always have snacks for YOU in your diaper bag. I like the prepackaged nuts from Trader Joes or Kind bars.

  • Think of massages as part of your required tools for your job! ☺ Being a mommy is not easy on the body to say the least! With the countless hours holding your baby, lugging the heavy carrier, and the weird positions we freeze in because the baby just fell asleep and we don’t want them to wake up… it takes a toll on the whole body.  Places that Nest moms have recommended for massage: , Good Life Chiropractic (takes insurance!!), the Soothe app – sends a masseuse to you!

  • The Heal App – Do you or your partner need a flu shot, yearly checkup, or are you coming down with something and don’t feel like waking baby from their nap and dragging them to the doctor? With this app, a doctor comes to your house. They accept insurance, so it’s the price of a copay! 365 days a year and evenings!

How to feel (sort of) like yourself again!

  • Always wear something that smells delicious! Perfume, lotion, soap, whatever, because even covered in spit up and poop smelling like yourself is important!! The grape boogies wipes take the yucky spoiled milk smell off of shoulders, hair, etc.!  

  • Products to wake up a tired face: 

    • Laura Mercier shimmer block in peach mosaic  

    • Benefit eyebright stick brightens the appearance of tired eyes and camouflages imperfections all for $20 bucks!! 

    • It cosmetics “bye bye under eye” concealer   

    • Beauty counter tint skin tinted moisturizer

    • Try using an eyelash curler - it makes a difference! 

    • Lip gloss always helps! 

    • Josie maran argan oil

Feeding your crew

  • Grocery shopping: I LOVE using Amazon Prime Now for grocery delivery from Sprouts/Whole Foods/Amazon. This is my biggest time-saver… and we’ve actually saved money and waste less food too! (I’ve also used Prime Now to have things delivered to my house in 1 hour when I was having one of THOSE days. A swaddle, smoke detector, flu supplies, and more have showed up to our door in one hour when I was in a major bind.) Other moms use and love Instacart.  

  • Go to farmer’s markets. I love this because you accomplish some grocery shopping, spend time as a family, AND you’re exposing your baby to lots of sights, sounds, smells, etc!

  • Double as many recipes as you can and freeze half! (I love doing this with homemade pasta sauce, lasagna, stuffed shells, Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes, marinated chicken, soups, pancakes, muffins, etc. Did you know you can even freeze little balls of homemade cookie dough so that you can have warm homemade cookies in a snap? Just cook a couple of minutes longer than you would normally.) If it isn’t possible to double (or triple!!) a recipe and freeze, try to think about what meal parts you can make multiples of and freeze or store to make future meals easier to prep on busy weeknights. Can you make extra batches of a sauce or marinade to freeze? Or can you cook extra chicken Monday night to cube and put in salads for lunch throughout the week?

  • Along the same lines… check out Dream Dinners in Torrance as a way to make your own frozen dinners! This makes a fun Mom’s Night Out - you can bring wine and they serve apps!

  • Have one night a week where you serve an easy meal like a frozen pizza. You’ll look forward to dinner that night - it will give you a break from cooking and more time with your family. We have Friday “Pizza and a Movie Nights”. It’s become a really sweet family tradition. We eat frozen or delivered pizza on a blanket on the living room floor. Try to make a rule for yourself that you will not do dishes, laundry, or clean on this night! Give yourself a break!!!

  • Don’t be afraid to Doordash!

Always be prepared! Having your ducks in a row, especially when you’re tired, will save you every time!

  • Try having two sets of pump parts so you always have one clean. Keep pump parts in the fridge in between pumpings so that you don’t need to wash every time.

  • Lay out your clothes the night before.

  • Try reloading your diaper bag the night before and even put it in the car so you just need to grab baby and go on busy mornings!

  • Keep things in the car that you often need when you’re out and about: some snacks (applesauce pouches or bags of cheddar bunnies), small plastic water bottles (consider not doing this in the summer due to the heat and plastic leaching…), a package of diapers, a package of wipes, burp cloths, a change of clothes for each child, etc. When you go on small outings, you won’t need to pack these things in your purse/diaper bag every time. You can go out, knowing that if you are in a pinch and need these things, all of them are waiting in the car for you. We do a lot of outdoor play, so I keep sunscreen, hats, sweatshirts, and sand toys in the car at all times so I never need to think about packing these things before we leave the house!

LET GO of the things that make life more difficult right now.

  • Where can you cut corners? Does your rags or your husband’s underwear really NEED to be folded? Do you really need to offer to host Thanksgiving for your family?? When people offer to help, LET THEM!!! Give yourself the grace to let the house get a little messy. You’re the mom of a young baby, life will feel more manageable soon, but until then, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Mommy friends ☺

  • NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the importance of MOM’S NIGHT OUT!! (Or Mom’s Night IN – my personal fave!) It really can happen even for breastfeeding mommies… 2 hours is 2 hours and you’d be amazed what 2 baby free hours spent with friends can do to relax you!! You deserve it! ☺

  • Get out and walk in the sunshine: Create your own “Mommy Brigade” getting exercise while laughing and talking with other mommies is awesome! There’s something about swapping mommy stories while strolling the Strand that really recharges your mommy bulbs!  

Sometimes you just plain need help!! Here’s how to survive “one of those days” and thrive by sending an S.O.S. that gets the results you want. 

  • Communicate your feelings to your partner, be specific, be open to delegating (make sure you pick some duties where you’re ok with letting him do it his way…. that’s the #1 new mommy no-no... asking for help, getting it and then trying to correct it.)

  • Make a list of the duties you would like help with – let Dad pick the duties he wants to help with!

  • Great ideas for daddy time are helping with bath, story time and pajama duty, morning bottle/breakfast, tummy time and infant massage. 

Monday Morning Mommy Movies ☹

  • This is a sad thing - they have been cancelled in the South Bay and are not in culver city anymore, but we are leaving the contact info in the Nest guide because you can go to The Grove and still see a Monday Mommy Movie! Or be a rebel and go see the earliest showing of your favorite movie locally with a few other mommies ~ then you make it your own mommy movie! ;)

No matter what you do or where you go with your baby have FUN! Try to laugh at yourself or the situation when you’re covered in poop/spit-up, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Try your best to let your house get messy, serve noodles with parmesan more than you’d like, and focus on what’s really important – your baby! Try to be in the moment. The days will turn to weeks and the weeks to months and before you know it your baby will be walking and talking and turning ONE! Take tons of pictures, record your baby’s sweet sounds and even the not so sweet…. cries change and voices mature. Savor the stages of development and try not to rush the process... but don’t feel guilty or bad on those days that you’re counting down the minutes to bedtime. Know that it’s normal to be overwhelmed. Laugh at and with your baby and smile … knowing that this little angel chose you to be his/her mommy and that is the greatest gift anyone could wish for. ☺











Jenn Langsdale