The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Pooka Box - a subscription box with developmentally appropriate themed toys delivered to your little one! - Use code NEST20 for a 20% discount.
Parenting Resource or Tip: Check out CanDoKiddo on IG for some tips on encouraging your child's gross motor development.
Baby Signs to Use: Today we reviewed all of the signs we learned this session!
Baby Songs to Sing:  Wheels on the Bus, This Little Piggy
Developmental Play Tip: Babies are hard-wired to respond to movement – evolutionarily speaking, it is nature’s way of looking for predators or prey! Take advantage of this and think about things that move – they will likely be really fascinating and engaging for your baby! Play: Lay your baby on their back directly under a ceiling fan. You can even tie colorful ribbons to the fan, set it on low, and watch the ribbons spin with your baby, talking about the ribbons going “around and around and around!” You can also spin a top for your baby, play fetch with your dog while your baby is in your lap, lay your baby under a spinning mobile, or sit on the strand watching bicyclists roll by. All of these forms of movement will likely have your baby entranced. ☺

Today's Topic:  ORIENTATION

Today was our last class and potluck!! 


Jenn Langsdale