The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Contour Love Baby Carrier
Parenting Resource or Tip: Bringing up Bebe – if you liked today’s book, you’ll probably like this one as well!
Baby Signs to Use: Book, Diaper
Baby Songs to Sing: Frere Jacques, ABCs
Developmental Play Tip: One of the most versatile toys that you can buy is a big collection of plastic balls like this. Put these out for your baby in different ways – some ideas are: give your baby 10-12 balls and a muffin tin – encourage baby to put the balls inside the muffin tins, put the balls in a laundry basket as a ball put, put some balls in a bathtub or baby pool outside filled with water, or cut holes in the top of a box and have baby put balls through holes.


Today's Topic:  BOOK CLUB

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Today we talked about the book: "How to Keep Your Eskimos Warm". Sorry for an anti-climactic recap, but today was a discussion and brainstorming/sharing of different parenting ideas, so not many notes!

Here were some of our big take-aways from the book: (from all chapters!)

  • Incorporate kids into your social life - try to be a bit flexible with schedules so that they can be a part of gatherings.
  • During mealtime:  “You are allowed not to like it but you are not allowed to not try it.”
  • Getting kids involved with mealtime - conversations around food

  • Don’t push children to eat everything on the plate; just put everything on the table.

  • Fresh & simple meals

  • Pay attention to baby's routine when potty training

  • Carrying baby develops their vestibular system

  • Create your own extended family - the Nest :) :)

  • Chores can be fun! "work" and "play" can easily happen at the same time in a family.