The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Grace and Stella Anti Wrinkle and Energizing Undereye masks
Parenting Resource or Tip: For some "real mom" videos, posts, etc., check out Cat & Nat on facebook, IG, and youtube! They're even coming to LA in May!
Baby Signs to Use: Mom, Grandma, Love
Baby Songs to Sing: Sung to: "You are my sunshine":  I love you mommyMy dearest mommyYou make me happyWhen I am sadI want to tell youI really love you!When I'm with you I am so glad!  Sung to: "Bingo": I have a very special friendAnd Mommy is her name-o.M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y, M-O-M-M-Y,And Mommy is her name-o
Developmental Play Tip: When you are having one of those “supermom” kind of days and are in the mood for making a fun messy activity for your baby, think about Jello! Jello can be used in lots of ways as a sensory experience for your baby. Check out this article from Can Do Kiddo with ideas for how you can use Jello with your baby.



Today we did our Mother's Day footprint craft and had our Nest Swap Meet! If you were not in class, please remind us to do your footprint next week. We'll have teh supplies in the classroom one more week. Thank you SO much for all of your generous donations to Baby Buddha's Closet. We will be dropping them off this weekend for the women and children and will post a picture to Instagram! xo