I'm so excited to introduce the Nest's very first guest contributor to our blog! I always look forward to having Erin Purdy of Erin Purdy Photographer come to the Nest because any time she visits I know that I am going to get to swoon over the seriously gorgeous baby pictures she captures during our Nest Mini Sessions. Erin is an incredible photographer, a traveler, artist, wife, and mom. When she's taking pictures of our families, Erin uses her big "fancy" camera... but... she tells me that when she's capturing pictures of her own children, her phone is often her go-to piece of equipment. How does she capture beautiful images just using her phone? Today she's sharing her tricks of the trade with us.


Photography is the study of light, so it goes without saying that lighting is the most important consideration. The most beautiful time to photograph is early or late in the day when sunlight is gentle and soft. If you’re photographing mid-day, try to find heavy shade, like on the north side of your house. Or try shooting indoors, paying attention to how the light falls across your subject or illuminates something interesting. 

As a general rule, I leave the flash off on my phone. If absolutely necessary (like taking a picture of the kids snuggled up in bed), I’ll use it, but it’s also fun to try different forms of light, like turning on a lamp or a flashlight or using another device to create the light.


Composition simply refers to how the elements in a photograph come together to create a story or visual interest. Perfectly centering your subject in the photograph makes a strong statement. I also love the rule of thirds. Imagine your screen divided 

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Erin Purdy