Toddler Playtime Mommy & Me: 12-18 months

This class is for 12-18 month old toddlers and their mommies. It meets once a week for 55 minutes each week at 730 11th Street in Hermosa Beach. Each session of classes is 8 weeks long.

The intention for this class is to create a lively and supportive environment in which you and your baby make life-long friends, all while learning some tricks of the trade from your instructor as well as from one another. 

This class is a really unique mixture of music, play, learning activities, and parenting discussions/support! We will sing songs with the toddlers, have a weekly developmental skill that the children will work on through play, and a parenting discussion. There will also be a snack time and a "check-in" time to address parenting questions and needs.

Weekly developmental focus skills are based on milestones that we expect children to be working towards or meeting at this age, including beginning to dress themselves, identifying body parts, fine/gross motor skills, and more.

Our parenting discussion time each week will focus on a common question of parents of this age group: "How do I encourage my child to share?", "What should I do when my toddler hits?", and more. We also invite guest speakers to the Nest periodically that meet the needs of our moms.

Younger siblings are welcome to attend class as long as they are worn by mom in a carrier or are relaxing in a stroller/carseat!

We can't wait to see you and your busy toddler in class!


Dates & Times

Toddler Playtime Class Times
Tuesday, 4:10 - 5:05

2018 Session Dates (subject to change)
January 8 - March 13   (No class the week of 1/15 or 2/19)
April 1 - May 22
June 11 - July 31
August 6 - October 9   (No class the week of 9/3 or 9.10)
October 15 - December 18   (No class the week of 11/12 or 11/19)