I’m Having a Baby! Workshop

Preparing for a new baby

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This class series will be 3 weeks long, 3 Mondays in a row, from 6-8PM. Once you pre-register, we will place you in a group with other mamas due around the same time as you and will contact you with your workshop dates and a link to enroll.

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of creating your registry?
Wanting to start building your mama tribe?
Worried about how sleep and feeding will go in those first few days?
Want to talk about what’s going on in your pregnancy - is what you’re feeling normal?

In this workshop series of classes we will cover: swaddling and diapering your baby, what to expect in those first couple of days and weeks at home, what you REALLY need to register for, what to bring to the hospital, how to bring your baby home in their car seat safely and MORE. We will laugh and have fun - a cornerstone of all Nest classes. After each class you’ll get the signature Nest email Recap exclusively for Nest mamas, filled with all of the information we cover in class and more.

In each class we will also spend time talking about what YOU want to talk about. We carve out lots of discussion time so that we can speak to all of your specific concerns, issues, and questions!

This workshop is structured so that you are enrolled with other mamas who are due around the same time as you so please make sure you include an accurate due date when you pre-register for class.