Lactation Education & Support

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We know that breastfeeding your baby can sometimes feel really, really hard. We also believe that with support it doesn’t have to be that way. Our Certified Lactation Educators can help educate and support you in preparing for breastfeeding, dealing with breastfeeding challenges that may arise, and moving through transitions in breastfeeding (returning to work, starting solids, weaning, etc.)

Our Lactation Education & Support Groups are appropriate for mamas currently breastfeeding, pumping mamas, and pregnant mamas wanting to prepare and learn more about what to expect. If you’d like help with a current feeding issue (latch, positioning, etc.), please bring your baby and be prepared to feed! We have nursing pillows, a scale, and changing table ready for you.

These classes are currently being offered for free, as a service to the families in our community. We feel strongly about providing lactation support without barriers to all families. If you aren’t able to make your scheduled lactation group time, please contact us and cancel within 24 hours so that we can open your spot to another mama needing support.

Groups are led by Jenn Langsdale or Mary Scifres

Medical issues (fever of mom or baby, infection of the nipple or breast, failure to thrive babies, abscess, mastitis of the breast) are outside of the scope of our group support. We are happy to refer you to local IBCLCs who can support you with these issues and highly encourage you to work closely with your pediatrician and OBGyn in confronting these issues.