Our Workshops

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I’m Having a Baby!

You’re having a baby! Congratulations!! This workshop is designed for first time expecting mamas. We are going to cover the basics for you - How do you swaddle? What should you register for? What do you REALLY need to pack in your hospital bag? Is what you’re going through in pregnancy normal? You’ll leave this workshop feeling more prepared and ready for your baby and will meet other pregnant mamas due around the same time as you. All of this, of course, with all of the fun and laughter that you’d expect in a class at the Nest.


Expecting another baby!

This workshop is being offered by popular demand! It is designed for all of you soon-to-be 2nd/3rd time mamas about to rock your little one’s world (in the best way) by bringing a new baby home! Start your new expanded family off on the right foot with lots of new tips, tricks, and strategies for making this huge transition as seamless as possible for everyone in your family.

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CPR & Safety Training

As parents, we hope that we never need to perform CPR on our child; however, it is important to be prepared should an emergency situation occur. This class will provide you with skills and knowledge to use in case of cardiac arrest or an airway obstruction before professional emergency medical services arrive. This class includes time dedicated to hands-on practice with mannequins. It is specifically designed for expecting parents, parents, grandparents, nannies, and other caregivers of young children.