This Year at the Nest

We have enrollment 5 times each year. When you enroll in a 2019 class you will sign up for a session of 8 classes at the Nest. In 2020, we will be expanding our sessions do be 10 classes long. Our available session dates this year are:

Fall Series:  August 5th - October 4th (No class the week of 9/2)
Winter Series:  October 14th - December 20th (No class the week of 11/11 or 11/25)

New Year 2020: January 6th - March 27th (No class the week of 1/20 or 2/17)
Spring 2020: April 13th - June 26th (No class the week of 5/25)
Fall 2020: July 13th - September 25th (No class the week of 9/7)
Winter 2020: October 5th - December 18th (No class the week of 11/23)

2019 classes are $220 for an 8 week session.


Our Classes

0-5 Month Mommy & Me

Welcome to the world, little one, and welcome to motherhood, mommy! Nursing, feeding, diaper changing, bouncing, swaying, walking... during Nest classes, you are welcome to do what you would typically do at home to soothe and care for your baby. 

There is no minimum age for entry in the 0-5 month class. We have moms who start class the week after they deliver baby and moms who feel most comfortable waiting a couple of months. We want you to come to class whenever it feels the best for you and your little one!

  • Note: Scroll down to find 2nd/3rd time mommy class times!


Monday 1:00-2:30 (facilitated by Jenn)
Monday 3:00-4:30 (facilitated by Jenn)
Tuesday 9:30-11:00 (facilitated by Jessie) - on hiatus during Summer and Fall 2019 as Jess has her baby :)


6-11 Month Mommy & Me

Your baby is starting solids, may be sitting, and may be crawling! They're ready for the 6-11 month class! This class has a little more energy as our baby friends gain louder voices and can move more. 

In this class, we put some simple developmentally appropriate toys in the center of the room so that your baby can play and explore with their baby friends while we have some discussion time! We also a fun song or two each class - sometimes taking out the parachute, bubbles, scarves, or musical instruments.

  • Note: Scroll down to find 2nd/3rd time mommy class times!


Monday 11:15-12:45 (facilitated by Jenn)
Tuesday 11:15-12:45 (facilitated by Jessie) - on hiatus during Summer and Fall 2019 as Jess has her baby :)
Friday 11:15-12:45 (facilitated by Mary)


2-11 month working mama class

This class is held in the late afternoon or evening to accommodate the schedules of our working mommies once they return to work! During this class we cover the same material as our 2-11 month mommy & me classes, but in addition we will discuss personal and parenting issues unique to the working mom in addition to the challenges and questions that every mom experiences. 


Tuesday 4:00-5:30 (facilitated by Mary Beth)
Tuesday 5:30-7:00 (facilitated by Mary Beth)


2nd & 3rd time mommy & me

This class is designed with the 2nd/3rd/4th... time mom in mind! Find childcare for your older child and make this your special time with your baby. The topics in our 2nd/3rd time mom generally focus on the baby and are the same as in our regular mommy and me program, however, we will also address topics only relevant to this group: sibling rivalry, how to teach & encourage sharing, how to survive motherhood while feeling "spread thin", how to tackle feelings of jealousy, creating a unique relationship with each of your children, etc.

You've been a mom before, but being a mom of more than one child is a whole new world and we get it!


Monday 9:30-11:00 (facilitated by Jenn)
Friday 9:30-11:00 (facilitated by Mary)


toddler playtime

This class is for 12-18 month old toddlers and their mommies. It is 55 minutes a week and takes place in a series of 8 week classes.

This class is a unique mixture of music, play, and parenting discussions/support! In addition to the unstructured play time and our routine of songs each week, there is also a snack/discussion time and a "check-in" time to address parenting questions and needs.

Our parenting discussion time each week will focus on a common question of parents of this age group: "How do I encourage my child to share?", "What should I do when my toddler hits?", and more. We also invite guest speakers to the Nest periodically that meet the needs of our moms.


Friday 1:00-2:00 (facilitated by Mary)
Friday 2:30-3:30 (facilitated by Mary)