The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Contour Love Baby Carrier
Parenting Resource or Tip: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids - another good parenting resource :)
Baby Signs to Use: Book, Diaper
Baby Songs to Sing: Frere Jacques, ABCs
Developmental Play Tip: Teach your older child how to play peek-a-boo with your baby. You can give your older child (and baby – depending on their age) scarves to play with. Or they can play during tummy time by lifting their heads up and down!


Today's Topic:  BOOK CLUB

Today we talked about the book: Playful Parenting. Today was a discussion and brainstorming/sharing of different parenting ideas - I couldn't even begin to take note of all of the ideas! Here is some of what we talked about, though. :)

The overarching theme that we kept coming back to was being mindful of filling your kids' "love cups". We talked about being silly and theatrical and creative as a way to prevent conflicts and also as a way to solve issues as they arise.


Here is the list I promised you of many of the play ideas I found in the book!

  • Let your child push you/kick you on the swings/etc. and fall down in a theatrical way (19)

  • Pillows: pillow fight, bury your child in pillows, build a fort (18)

  • When two children are fighting, say “Pick on someone your own size!” in a goofy way (26)

  • Roughhouse

  • Mirroring - do exactly what your child does (47)

  • Simon Says (47), Follow the leader (47, 218), Play catch (27), Red Light Green Light

  • “The Love Gun” (50)

  • “You’ll never get away” - Say: “You’ll never be able to get away from me, never in a million years!” Hold onto them, after a little struggle let them escape, etc.

  • Use stuffed animals/dolls to play out or talk through tough situations (example mommy and daddy dolls fighting or starting a Beanie Baby club that other dolls want to join) (58, 73)

  • Fantasy play to act out challenging things - “Let’s pretend we are going to the dentist” for example (223)

  • Potty words - “Well you can say that all you want, but please don’t say Bobbledyboo or you’re going to get in big trouble!” (64)

  • The Winning and Losing Game (70) - flip a coin (for example) and be theatrical about winning/losing

  • Sock game - each person tries to take off others’ socks (77)

  • Fall over, be silly, exaggerate, ham it up! (76)

  • Pick up a stuffed animal and have it say silly/humorous things (77)

  • Ask children to try to get you to laugh (78)

  • Staring contest - the first person to laugh loses (78)

  • Tragic Shakespearean death scene (79)

  • The love-potion game (79)

  • Getting on your hands and knees begging, looking desperate (80)

  • With two adults present - pretend to fight over the child (80)

  • Play chase and let the child have one narrow escape after another (82)

  • Make up your own words to be “forbidden” and looked horrified or shocked when they’re used (83)

  • Mock threat - “If you do that one more time I’m going to pour water on my head!” (85)

  • Play dumb (84), Lose your dignity - look foolish (85)

  • Treat your older child like the “baby” to relieve sibling rivalry/jealousy (91)

  • Kneel on the floor and have your child try to knock you over (102)

  • Teach self-regulation: Have your child bite a rag or doll - tell them to bite harder, then softer, then longer, etc. (Can also do with running, jumping jacks, jumping, etc.) (109-110)

  • Create an obstacle course or treasure hunt (for older kids) then have them create one (110)

  • Reverse roles (become the less competent one at something) (115)

  • Storytelling (114) and Joint Storytelling (115)

  • Have the child become the thing they are afraid of (ex. bees) while you run away. Or you play a klutzy bee while they run away (120)

  • Squiggle - one person starts a drawing, the other finishes it (141)

  • Name that feeling - make a facial expression or find some in a magazine and name that feeling (142)

  • Grab onto your child and cling to them for dear life (195)

  • Invent a rule (no giggling or no blinking) and make a big pretend fuss when they break the rule (195, 220)

  • Invite your child to do things you can’t stand (“Can you guys please fight? I’ll watch and take notes.”) Then provide a running commentary. (205)

  • Giggle-fest (everyone pretends to laugh until they are really laughing) (219)