The Nest's Noticings

Products: Today we talked about this book, "Potty," by Leslie Patricelli. It is a great book to read to your toddler even before you begin potty training. It talks about going from diapers to the potty in simple words and pictures just right for you tot. We also talked about a few of the potty seats you see below. The Potty Potette is a must have during potty training and even after your child is potty trained. You can use it in public restrooms as well as a stand alone potty in the trunk of your car (when that is needed). :) 

Signs: More, eat, all done, (click on word to see how to sign each one)  

Parenting Resource:  Check out this article for real-life tips from parents on potty training.  I also love the show Daniel Tiger and the potty song in the episode "Daniel goes to the potty". This helped my 3 year old a lot when we first started potty training. I still sing the verse to her that Daniel sings to help remind her she needs to stop what she is doing and go potty! :) 

Craft table: Today we water painted using different size paint brushes and construction paper of different colors. We also used these paint containers to help contain the water the best we could! We did this inside on a low table your toddler could reach, but this is also a fun activity to do outside, especially during these hot summer months. It is a great way for your child to get water play as well as the fine motor practice that comes with painting (with little mess/clean up for you). 

Today's Topic:

- Look for signs of readiness and don't start until your toddler is ready! Readiness signs include: hiding to potty, interest in other people going to the bathroom, pulling at diaper, waking dry from nap, going longer with a dry diaper, telling you when they go potty or have gone potty.

- Do not ask your child if they need to go to the bathroom. Tell them to go! "It's time to go potty!"

- Have a potty training "toolkit" in your trunk! You'll need a portable potty, a couple of extra pairs of underwear and changes of clothes, wipes, and diapers. (I know some people will say to throw away the diapers and never look back, but if you're at a very special event or in the middle of the day from hell, a diaper may be a lifesaver.)

- Don't shame your child when they have an "accident". Calmly pick them up, say, we go pee pee on the potty, carry them to the potty, and put them on it. Praise them if they then go on the potty at all - even if it's just a little! :) 

- Decide on your approach. Are you super committed to locking yourself in your home for 3 days to a week and focusing on targeting the potty training? Or do you want to take a more relaxed approach that will likely take much longer? Think about your personality, your child's, and your family's schedule. Know that whichever approach you choose, your child will more than likely regress.

- Be patient with night potty training. Some kids aren't developmentally ready for this until 4/5.

- Do not potty training during any big times of change/vacation!

- Boys: try having them sit on the potty backwards, pee outside, or pee standing up! 

Jenn Langsdale