Today's recap is different because we didn't have a set topic and we didn't go over our usual weekly "Nest Noticings", but I want you to see what you can expect in future recaps, so here's what they will look like. In the future each section won't be empty but will have lots of juicy info. 

These recaps will be available for your reference forever and ever... or as long as the Nest website exists. ;)


The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Book or Product: We try our best to include purchase links in this section for you as much as we can. Anything in red throughout this recap is a clickable link to find more info about the product.
Parenting Resource or Tip: 
Toddler Signs to Use: 
Toddler Songs to Sing: "Slippery Fish" and "We are the Dinosaurs" - We will sing these songs weekly. Repetition helps toddlers learn new things, build their memory, learn about cause-effect, and will help them catch onto the routine to be able to participate. 
Developmental Play Tip: In the future this is where we'll highlight some sort of developmental play tip for you - some kind of piece of information about your toddler's development followed by an idea of how you can use play to encourage your toddler to grow and learn! Many times this tip will be included in the recap but not always talked about in class. 

Today's Topic:  ORIENTATION

Here is the Nest's Guidelines and Policies as well as What to Expect each week documents that we went over today. 

We also went over our class calendar for this session and passed it out after class. If you did not get a copy I will also have them in class next week! :) 

Mary Scifres