7/13 - Turning NOs into YESes!!

Product: "Teeth are not for biting," a book from the "Best Behavior Series" helps prevent toddler biting by teaching your little one positive alternatives. There are more books in this series for other toddler behaviors (hitting, kicking, nose picking, etc). Click here to see the Best behavior series. 

Resource: The book, "Playful Parenting," by Lawrence J Cohen is a great resource for raising kids. He has so many ideas to help build a strong and close relationship with your little one while also helping them navigate their way childhood. 

Developmental Tip: Here is a great article on the important of exposing children to all kinds of toys, not just toys specific to their gender. https://bigthink.com/philip-perry/what-happens-to-childrens-attitudes-when-they-play-with-counter-gender-toys

Today's Topic: Turning NOs into YESes

Today we talked about the important of turing NOs into YESes with your child. This does not mean we always give into their every wish and command! This means we rephrase the way we answer them. For example, Your child wants to watch another cartoon and TV time is over. Instead of saying "No more TV." You can say, "Yes, we can watch another one tomorrow," or at whatever date/time you are ok having them watch a show. Sometimes just finding a different way to say something can be a game changer for the way your tot reacts. 

Here is a blog post from Conscious Mama about this exact topic! 

Toddlers tend to use the word NO a lot as well and shake their heads NO. Here is a great article about helping your tot turn their own NO into a YES. Turning "no" to "yes:" Encouraging more Cooperation from your toddler. 

Do I ever use the word "NO" with my children? YES!! There are times when it is needed. When my children are doing something dangerous, being unking, or doing something that is absolutely unacceptable. If you use it more infrequently, your children are most likely going to listen better when you do use it because they will know you are serious! 

For all the little things you need to stop your toddler from doing throughout the day, here is a wonderful graphic that gives you ideas on how to reword your response to your toddler without overusing the word "no." 

no to yes.jpg
Mary Scifres