7/6 - 4th of July craft and swap meet

Product: Noise canceling headphones can be a good option for you tot when you are somewhere that may be too loud for them like a concert or the fireworks on 4th of July. Here is an article that discusses why these headphones can be helpful and the best ones to buy for your tot. https://www.soundproofingtips.com/top-10-noise-cancelling-headphones-for-kids-babies/

Signs: Flag, stars, and fireworks

Craft: Here is a link to the recipe for the Goo bags your tot played with in class.  http://www.hellobee.com/2013/05/16/goo-sensory-bags/. This is a great non-mess way for your little one to get in some sensory play. They can draw into the goo, squeeze it, and roll toys over it as well! When they get older this is a great option for practicing writing letters and numbers. 

Today's Topic:

Today we did our 4th of July craft and swap meet. 

The activities set up around the room for your little one's today focused on sensory play. We had feathers in the sand box with crinkle paper, sensory circles to walk on, goo bags to explore, and soft blocks for building, throwing, and climbing on. Sensory play is important for the hands and the feet! Here is a great article about some sensory play to do at home with your little one.  https://teachingmama.org/sensory-walk-exploring-the-sense-of-touch/


Mary Scifres