Last class

Nest Noticing's this week.....

Favorite Product: Pooka Box - a subscription box with developmentally appropriate themed toys delivered to your little one! - Use code NEST20 for a 20% discount.

Parenting Resource or Tip: IG accounts to follow @playingwithchanel, @feedinglittles, and @CanDoKiddo.
Baby Signs to Use: Signs we did this session, sleep, book, bath, food, eat, drink, flag, stars, fireworks, mommy, daddy, love, more, all done, drive, plane, and boat. Baby Sign Language is a wonderful website to use to learn any baby sign you want! 

Craft Table: Busy Bags!! Today at the craft table I had the "pom pom" busy bag which is made up of large different colored pom poms and different size toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Toddlers can sort the pom poms, explore putting them through the toilet paper rolls,  and take them in and out of the bag (as many times as they would like)! :) Busy bags are a great thing to have on hand when you are traveling, at a restaurant, or something new and exciting to do at home. Click here to see more busy bag ideas for toddlers. 

Today's Topic: 

Today was our last class and potluck party!! :) 

Mary Scifres