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Working Mommy & Me: 0-12 Months, New Year 2019 Session

If you go to enroll and find that a class is sold out, please email us to get on the waitlist! We often are able to get multiple mamas in off of our waitlist, and also often open up extra classes if waitlists get long enough!

This class is for 0-12 month old babies and their working mommies. It meets once a week for 90 minutes each week at 730 11th Street in Hermosa Beach. This is the enrollment for our New Year series of classes which runs from the week of January 7th - the week of March 10th. (There is No class the week of 1/21 or 2/18).

The Nest offers two working moms groups on Tuesday evenings.  This is a fantastic group of women within the Nest community who are navigating through motherhood and how that is impacting their work life!  We discuss all the same things as normal nest groups but also share and support each other through challenging conversations at work, logistics of being a working parent and all the mom guilt!  In general, our 4pm class tends to be moms who have slightly more flexible schedules - they may own their own business, work east coast hours, work part-time, or simply have more control over their schedule. You'll get more tips once you start class, but for the 5:30 class we recommend bringing baby's dinner and their pajamas to class. That way you can feed them, change them, and drive straight home for an easy bedtime. ;) We always want people to be stress-free in regards to the timing of class, but this is especially true in our working mama classes! Don't stress if you'll regularly need to leave early or come late because of your work schedule.

This class is available the following times: 
- Tuesdays, 4:00 - 5:30, facilitated by Mary Beth Ferrante
- Tuesdays, 5:30 - 7:00, facilitated by Mary Beth Ferrante

Class Times:
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