Today's recap is different because we didn't have a set topic and we didn't go over our usual weekly "Nest Noticings", but I want you to see what you can expect in future recaps, so I’m including blank examples of what you can expect. In the future each section won't be empty but will have lots of juicy info. :) These recaps will be available for your reference forever and ever... or as long as the Nest website exists. ;)

The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

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In the future this is where I'll highlight some sort of developmental play tip for you - some kind of piece of information about your baby's development followed by an idea of how you can use play to encourage your baby to grow and learn!

Today's Topic:  ORIENTATION

Here is the Nest's Guidelines and Policies as well as What to Expect each week documents that we went over today. 

We also went over our class calendar for this session. You either got it in class this week or will get it next week. :)

Notable Mentions:

This is the section of the recap where I will give you all of the info brought up during check-in time from all of our 0-12 month Mommy and Me classes so that you can have the most resources possible!

- Looking for a way to trim your baby's nails? Check out this nail trimmer.

- Num Num Gootensils are great first "utensils" to use with baby and the Therapeutic Bear Cup is great for teaching your little one to use a straw cup.

- Check out the Instagram WhatNoahEats for finger food/feeding ideas. :)

Is your baby refusing the bottle? Here are lots of tried and true tips from Nest mamas and other resources:
- Some of our breastmilk has too much lipase, which leaves it smelling and tasting "off". Smell/taste your breastmilk before bottling it for baby - does it smell "off" to you? Also try giving your baby a bottle with freshly expressed milk and see if they'll take it. (Lipase develops over time, so the older the milk is, the stronger the taste/smell will be.) Here is more info for you to read if you think Lipase may be an issue for you/your baby!
- Try a newborn/slow flow nipple no matter your baby's age.
- Warm the nipple under warm water before offering to baby.
- Make sure you're paying close attention to baby's hunger cues - feeding them before they are TOO hungry as this can make them more picky! Try feeding a little before you normally would so they don't get quickly frustrated.
- Try having someone else feed your baby, and leave the house if you can!
- Instead of pushing the bottle nipple into baby's mouth, allow them to suck it into their mouth.
- Try different temperatures of millk.
- Try different bottles - borrow from friends so it doesn't get too expensive! Lots of Nest moms have found the Como Tomo bottle to work when others won't.
- After 4-6 months, according to, there's no need to introduce a bottle. Try feeding baby from a cup to see if they'll accept being fed this way more readily.
- Offer the bottle when baby is sleepy - they instinctively suck at this time.
- Try feeding in different positions - while walking/bouncing on an exercise ball, in a swing, in hte bathtub, or with their back against your chest.
- Have your pediatrician check for tongue/lip tie.

- For Hands-Free Pumping: Freemie Cups:

- Great video monitor: The Nanit:

- Pediatrician Recommendations: UCLA Pediatrics - Dr. Sherman & Dr. Balucan

- OB Recommendations: Dr. Sparks & Dr. Kwok

- Book Recommendation for sleep: 12 Hours by 12 weeks

Jenn Langsdale