The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: The Swado! We LOVE this new-ish swaddle that doesn't use velcro and keeps your baby swaddled snuggly. Check out the muslin one for the summer!
Parenting Resource or Tip: Wonder Weeks - https://www.thewonderweeks.com - This book highlights the developmental milestones our baby's go through that will effect their eating and sleep. They also have an app so that you can get alerts when your baby is going through a "leap".
Baby Signs to Use: Babysitter, Play
Baby Songs to Sing: Today I played the Happy Song for the babies! This is the song that is scientifically designed to make baby happy!
Developmental Play Tip: Read more a out music and your baby’s development here.



Today South Bay Nannies came to class and answered all of the questions that you had about childcare for your little one!

Here is all of SBN's contact info!
Nigel: nigel@southbaynannies.com
Susan: susan@southbaynannies.com

I started to take  a few notes from today's discussion but didn't walk away with much! We didn't take many because most of the questions led to discussions - not really note-friendly. :)

The big take-aways were:
- you get what you pay for! If you hire and pay for a professional nanny, you can expect her to help you with light housework while you are paying her - particularly if baby is sleeping
- Communicate expectations and boundaries clearly to avoid confusion
- The general rule for a holiday bonus is to give your babysitter an extra week of pay - some families do much more than this and some do less!
- Maintain a business relationship
- Treat your nanny kindly - which all of us would anyway :)
- Follow your gut!! In the first time or two that your babysitter is over, you should get a strong feeling on if they fit with your family and child(ren).  Be around the first couple of times they're at your house so that you can see how they interact with your kids and make sure everyone is comfortable.