The Nest's Noticings for the Week...

Favorite Product: Pooka Box - a subscription box with developmentally appropriate themed toys delivered to your little one! - Use code NEST20 for a 20% discount.
Parenting Resource or Tip: Check out CanDoKiddo on IG for some tips on encouraging your child's gross motor development.
Baby Signs to Use: Today we reviewed all of the signs we learned this session!
Baby Songs to Sing:  Wheels on the Bus, This Little Piggy
Developmental Play Tip: The 6-12 month age range is a great time to start asking your baby questions to encourage their language development. Ask baby, “Where is the ball?” or “Where is the doggy?” and pause, giving your baby the time to absorb your question and respond. They probably won’t respond in a full clear sentence ;) haha, but you may see that they take some time to absorb then look in the direction of the ball or dog.   This shows your baby is understanding you! Continue to give them the space to think when you ask them questions and before you know it, they’ll be answering you. ☺

Today's Topic:  ORIENTATION

Today was our last class and potluck!! 


Jenn Langsdale