The Nest.

(noun): a place of rest, retreat; HOME;
Where one goes to care for their young.

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The Nest has been the premier Mommy & Me program in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles since August 2011. We have fun and nurturing boutique style weekly classes in Hermosa Beach, California, filled with support, laug-2.png
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Our Program

  • 8-10 classes in each enrollment session

  • 4-5 sessions each year

  • 90 minute classes

  • Topics, tips, and guest speakers are different each series of classes so that moms can continue to enroll, learn, and grow with our community throughout baby's first 12-18 months. Most Nest moms enroll consistently through their baby's first year and beyond - moving through our classes and program with the mommy and baby friends that they've developed over time.

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The opportunity to share my mommy experiences with other moms going through the same thing at the same time without being judged and getting feedback and validation that I wasn't alone or crazy was an unbelievable gift! The friendships that myself, my husband and my girls have made with the people I took the class with are lifelong and we're so blessed to have found them.

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Our Team

Our team of instructors are in the parenting trenches with you: we’ve struggled with breast-feeding, had babies with colic and toddlers who tantrum, navigated marriage after baby, had more sleepless nights than we can count, and we get it. We get that being a mom is the greatest gift and also the greatest challenge that many of us will ever face.

In class we will give you practical tried-and-true tips and tricks that have worked on our own children, will give you research-backed advice on child-rearing, but above all look forward to learning how you pave your own way as a mom.

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Our Space

We are conveniently located at 730 11th Street in Hermosa Beach, just off of PCH, with plenty of free parking. Our large classroom is equipped for you and your baby, with:

  • a changing pad

  • a baby scale

  • an exercise ball for bouncing

  • toys (only 6-11 month & toddler classes)

  • comfortable chairs for mom

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