Kind Words from Past & Present Nest Mamas

"A few months after my daughter was born I signed up for your mommy & me class, which was perhaps one of the best decisions I've ever made. It sounds so dramatic to say that it changed my life but so far that decision has been life changing! The opportunity to share my mommy experiences with other moms going through the same thing at the same time without being judged and getting feedback and validation that I wasn't alone or crazy was an unbelievable gift! The friendships that myself, my husband and my girls have made with the people I took the class with are lifelong and we're so blessed to have found them." 
~J.L. (mommy of 2)

"I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful I found you. I had never taken a mommy & me class and probably wouldn't have signed up if I had not been referred to Bright Beginnings & Beyond. I see how much you care about the mommies and how you truly help all of us. I know this, because when I needed it you helped me." 
~J.T. (mommy of 3)

"I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much you and your classes meant to me. I was struggling so much with my baby, my husband's emotions and my own when she was first born. Your smile, your energy and compassion pulled me through the tough times. You have no idea how much you helped me. Just being in class made me feel better. I am not the most vocal person, but I absorbed so much. Even on the days that I spent on the exercise ball, working up a sweat and on the verge of tears, I was glad to be doing that in class rather than on my own at home." ~K.L. (mommy of 1)

"We LOVE to sing all the songs that we learn in your class! You're right about the welcome song being a life saver in a pinch! and  "Slippery Fish" is Connor's favorite hopefully someday I will sing it with as much animation as you do!" 
 ~K.C. (mommy to 1)

"You are an amazing influence and have a wealth of knowledge that helped me have such a wonderful experience during the first 12 months in mommyland." 
 ~J.H. (mommy of 1)

"Being a part of your mommy & me classes gave me the best gift a new mommy could ask  for great friends! We still ALL get together on Tuesdays for a playdate (and it's been 3 1/2 years since your class)  we even still do a Mom's Night Out each month!" 
 ~ M.L. (mommy to 1)

"Thank you  for all the information you share in class I found our nanny, pediatric dentist, allergist, music class and swim school from the wonderful referrals you shared with us. I owe ya one or 5! 
~ J.R. (mommy to 2)