Expecting ANOTHER Baby! Workshop

Preparing yourself and your family for a new baby

This workshop was designed at the request of moms! It is designed for all of you soon-to-be 2nd/3rd time mamas about to rock your little one’s world (in the best way) by bringing a new baby home!

Are you worried about those first few days that you’re outnumbered?
Not sure about how to explain to your little one that you’ll be staying at the hospital for a few days?
Worried about sibling rivalry or jealousy as you dedicate time and energy to your newborn?
Want to set up your kiddos NOW for the best relationship possible?

In this workshop we will cover: how to talk to your child(ren) about your delivery and the fact that you'll be gone for a couple of days, how to help your child even begin to understand that a new baby is coming, when/how to have them meet their sibling, ways to reduce sibling rivalry early on, survival tips for the early days and MORE. 

Each topic will be covered with varying age ranges in mind - so that you mamas of young toddlers have take-aways in addition to you mamas of elementary school aged children.

In this workshop we also spend time talking about what YOU want to talk about. We carve out lots of discussion time so that we can speak to all of your specific concerns, issues, and questions!

This workshop is structured so that you are enrolled with other mamas who are due around the same time as you so please make sure you include an accurate due date when you pre-register for class.

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