nest: (n) a place of rest and retreat; a home; where one goes to care for their young. 

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Welcome to the Nest...

...the home of fun and nurturing boutique style Mommy & Me classes in Hermosa Beach, California. The Nest is where new mommies and their darling babies come once a week to bond, make new friends, learn and share new things and feel supported and encouraged!

Warning! In our classes you will have fun, laugh, smile and, yes, of course tear up from time to time. But that's what it's all about! Being in the "mommy moment" and knowing you have a room full of friends who know exactly what you're going through because... WE DO! It's been said every series because it's true... the friends you make in our Mommy & Me classes are your life line to sanity. Through the good and the challenging times there's nothing like mommy friends!

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